Why Suffer
Intermittent wipping
for your Hyundai i10
Hyundai i10 Magna

Why do I need
intermittent wiper?

Imagine the stress and inconvenience it would cause if you had to keep checking the tyre pressure after every few hours of driving. Repetitive tasks become bothersome & stressful. In light rains, without intermittent wiper function you have to repetitively check visibility and switch ON wipers manually after every few seconds!

To do this wiper switching automatically, intermittent wiper was invented in the 1970's. Since then it has become a standard feature. Every car - from the least expensive to the most luxurious - has one. Well, almost!

Your Hyundai i10 (Santro) doesn't have it! Isn't that frustrating?

In light rains you cannot keep the wipers ON continuously as there isn't enough water to keep the wipers from squeaking and scratching the glass. Thus you are forced to do the switching constantly. It may not be much physical work but its quite bothersome and irritating.

In light rains the windshield fills with tiny water drops.
You can't use continuous wiper modes

Water Drops on Windshield

You are forced to monitor the windshield
to check visibility all the time

Driving Hyundai i10 in rains

And operate the wiper switch manually hundreds of times

Operating wiper blades

Suffer No More.

A slick & easy intermittent wiper retrofit for Hyundai i10

Needs no Modifications, No Wiring

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Drivetronics in hand

Quality Certification

Automotive Grade

Components used in Drivetronics switch are AEC* qualified
(*Automotive Electronics Council, USA) and fit for automotive use.

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i10 owner's speak..

i10 owner

Finally an intermittent mode on my i10!

Hyundai Santro Magna Owner

Really helpful in rains, especially when it drizzles

Shalaka Pawar
New Santro Sports owner

Fantastic retrofit. Did not need to change a thing!

Suresh Jadhav
i10 era

I had it in my 800. Now I have it on my i10 too!

Sanika Lad

Brilliant, finally peace of mind in light rains

Santro Era

I was searching for this for 5 years.

Supriya Vichare

No more haat hilate raho..

Sameep Desai
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Hyundai i10 interior
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Easy installation

Unscrew the covers

Open the covers as shown

Remove the existing switch

Fit Drivetronics to existing lever

Fit back everything as it was!

No modifications needed!

The beauty of Drivetronics intermittent switch is that you do not need to change or modify anything. You can enjoy intermittent mode without spoiling your car's interior. There is absolutely no wiring, drilling or any other modification needed. This is simply a "plug-it-in" thing. It will take only 5-10 minutes to install! (You do not even have to do the installation; our technician will do it for you.) What's more, Drivetronics switch comes with a 2 year warranty!
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Experts have given a thumbs-up!

Elegant and easy to install intermittent wiper retrofit for Hyundai i10/Santro. Great product with "quality" electronics.

- Carwisdom.org